Shipping the Order, españ, do not warehouse or ship your product.  You are responsible for that.

If you have a local or country wide market, please make sure that you know which shipping carriers you will use to ensure your product arrives at the shipping address of your order.  Make sure that you have set up the appropriate shipping rules in the kompritas site you will be using. (Set up Shipping rules)

If you desire to ship internationally, please make sure that your carriers can ship the products to the destination countries for a cost that you either absorb or for which you charge the customer the appropriate fee.

You are free to charge whatever amount you need to to cover shipping costs.

In either case, we ask that you prepare, pack  and ship your products within two days of the customer’s order.

Once you receive the tracking number from your selected carrier, please send this information to the customer my putting the information in an ‘Order Note’.


tracking info

Your customer will get set an email with the tracking information you provide.